About Susanne
Susanne Mourdoukouta was born in Germany in 1956. After some studies in economics and related fields, she established and ran her own small business. She left Germany in 1982, travelled extensively through South Eastern Asia and Australia and finally settled down in a small village in the most southern part of the Peloponnes in Greece.  In the late 1980's she studied Byzantine Iconography with a well - known- and - acknowledged icon-painter in Piraeus and after having achieved the necessary skills she started to work as an icon- painter herself. Her work was to be seen at 8 solo- exhibitions  in Greece and Germany. The inspiration for her work comes from her love of nature – animate and inanimate – where she finds perfect beauty and completeness even in the smallest detail. She is inspired by her own and the collective subconscious and dreams, as well as by the intrinsic spirituality of icon painting. Driven by her desire to visualize the psychic, emotional and spiritual reality in her work, she has advanced her style from a poetic realism towards fantastic realism and visionary art.   Her paintings defy usual attempts of interpretation but rather inspire associations into the subjective inner world of the observer.    Today she lives as an independent artist and icon painter in Kalamata/Messinia.
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CONTACT TEL: ++30 272 10 62 882 MOBILE: 0030 694 50 68 778 eMail: susamu@hotmail.com
ADDRESS Georgiou Roumelioti 17, PLZ 24100, Kalamata, Greece
a glimpse into the deeper reality between abyss and incredible beauty
Susanne Mourdoukouta Artist